Friday, 22 April 2011

Moustache Madness!

The Lady Lucie moustache pasties and panties have been quite a hit!

They recently featured in Bizarre Magazine's "Buy Curious" section with Morgana showing the full set off in glorious style.

As well as this, Tatty Devine named Lady Lucie and Miss Miranda customers of the month in their blog after spotting Miranda sporting the pasties and their moustache necklace at Torture Garden.

To thank us for loving their brand (we do!) the fab folk at Tatty Devine sent us some amazing gifts. Jane was bug eyed with excitement! Hooray!

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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Lady Lucie takes on the world!

Lady Lucie has been jet-setting! Well, sort of...

Lucie and her fashion show co recently dazzled the Torture Garden crowds in Athens and Edinburgh. We had a blast! Hooray for tartan latex, dolmades and haggis and thanks to Dom Bower Photography and Iolair Images for the piccies!

Next stop TG Toronto!

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