Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Lady Lucie's Rubber Duckie!

After many years of ducky dreaming, I FINALLY got around to making my rubber duck outfit! I asked the brilliant Kezia Argue Designs to make me a headpiece to accessorize the outfit, and she constructed an amazing orange and black Swarovski crystal-studded beak of wonder!

I'd been planning another shoot with the lovely Matt Christie Photography for quite a while, and it seemed the perfect opportunity to don the duck. I love the results, which you can see here.

The duck outfit is based around the Lady Lucie high necked bodysuit, with the obviously addition of tail feathers and wrist feather detail. I got to shake said tail feathers at the Torture Garden Birthday Ball (thanks to MarcusT for the pics!). It was a fantastic party and it was wonderful to see so many friends looking rubbery, shiny and happy. See you at the next one!

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