Friday, 12 February 2010

Farewell Alexander McQueen

I wanted to write a note to mark the death of one of my favourite designers, Alexander McQueen.

When I heard about his death yesterday I felt like it was quite a poignant moment, in the workshop with Rachel, and interns, working manically towards Rachel’s London Fashion Week show, just over a week away. Although I don’t know anything about Alexander McQueens suicide, I can relate to the rollercoaster of mad emotions, including feeling of stress, utter desperation and pressure involved in the creative process.

I feel incredibly sad and very sorry to hear of the death of a designer who’s vision and style I have always adored.

I have a very intricate pattern for a McQueen kimono jacket given to me when I was at University that I never quite got my head around making, It has numerous, tucks, pleats, folds and sewing lines! I will find the time to make it now. I think I’ll make it in latex…

He was a creative genius, although my opinion is that he's not the only one out there, just the one who got that big break and the funding to create his wildest fantasies. I hope in the search for 'the next McQueen' that someone else will be given that chance.

I loved the theatricality of all McQueens shows, but I had to include my favourite two.

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