Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Fetish Evolution Show 2010

We're back from an awesome show at Germany's Fetish Evolution 2010! We had a ball! it was a really fun German fetish experience and gave me the chance to work with some of the top international fetish models, as show a few new designs. There's so many great photos, here's a taster for now;

The fashion show line up, from left: Chesty Von Ellem Sweden, Bella Bizarre Germany, Sister Sinister Sweden , Ancilla Tilia Netherlands, Ulorin Vex U.K., Poison Ivy Germany, Sophie Sad East Switzerland.

The evenings comperes Ancilla Tilia and Sister Sinister wearing Lady Lucie with Paul Nathan.
Lady Lucie surrounded by beauty!

Many thanks to Photographers OKN Photogrpahy and Josselin Guichard

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  1. I enjoyed your post so much i delved a little deeper into Hedony Design and have posted an article on my blog you may like to view.
    Here's the link
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    Erika Ridley
    aka Lady Ana