Thursday, 13 November 2014

Exploit Your Latex Potential

I've blogged about Sammy (and her husband, Mike) before, but I just had to write about the amazing 'Exploit Potential' outfit she commissioned us to make. It's cute, sexy and fierce, just like Sammy!

Exploit Potential is the name of the sports wear / street wear company that Mike and Sammy have set up, off the back of being avid gym-goers themselves. As you can probably tell from their photos, they work hard to take great care of their bodies, and they look totally incredible. They play as hard as they work, though, and I'm lucky that I regularly get to make their party outfits!

The 'EP' outfit consisted of custom logo cropped top, buckle knickers, thigh straps, toeless knee-high socks and fingerless gloves (unpolished in the first 2 photos), and she styled it perfectly with a matching baseball cap.

I love it!

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