Saturday, 24 January 2009

Honey Lulu & Trixee Sparkle in Stuttgart

A couple of photos i liked taken of Miss Honey Lulu in her 'Teacup' costume and Trixee Sparkle in her 'Queen' costume. So a couple of my favourite burlesque performers in a couple of my favourite costumes!
The girls are performing a 3 month variety/burlesque show in Germany until the end of January: Miss Evi's Company at the Friedrichsbau Variete' in Stuttgart

Where these lovely photos were taken by Sabine Schoenberger.

By the time this picture was taken Honey doesn't have any of my costume left on! But its a killer photo to demonstrate just how gorgeous she is, and her fabulous Teacup prop, made by Simon Kennedy.
The finale of her show - Dripping in milk....Photo by Al de Perez

Video with clips of the show:

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