Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Kezia's Harlequin Playsuit

One of my favourite outfits i made all last year was this Latex Harlequin playsuit, commissioned by the eternally fabulously dressed Kezia. She told me what she wanted, i drew a sketch and custom made it to fit her, it took a while, and a bit of rubber rage (rubber rage- this is when I'm doing something so fiddly for so long, it starts to go wrong, and any object to hand fly across the workroom in a very childish manner) Seeing the results, it was well worth it in the end! I adore it, the cuteness of the design, the unusual colours... i think Kezia wears it perfectly, and i love the accessorizing, her make up and the matching cuffs and ruff she made to go with it. (not to mention the fabulous fiancee!)

Original sketch

Torture Garden NYE pictures

Pic thank-you's to Marcust.com & the final pic, which is random but i just like it, bobette.

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  1. wowowowow!!!! just amazing!! you are such a super talent! xo