Tuesday, 13 January 2009

l'Oreal Awards for Arno

Today i went to the l'Oreal hairstyling awards, to work with team Arno! on a hairstyling competition, Arno is a fabulous hairstylist, who does big, amazing, creative hair, specialising in show hair.
I dressed his lovely models for him, Skye with the mega hair in the black latex ballerina leotard and tutu, and Pip (who's details i will find and update this) in the stripe corset and latex leggings. Both models were sweethearts, and oh-so beautiful, plus very open to being dressed in latex and corsets for the first time which is fun!

Make up was by the talented Branka Vorkapic

Some backstage pics:

a blurry Arno himself... constructing/destructing...

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