Monday, 6 July 2009

Polka Dot Usherettes!

Im back from an awesome Glastonbury festival working holiday with loads of updates! Where to begin?!...

Maybe with some photos i received today courtesy of the talented Tom Medwell the photos were taken of the usherettes I dressed In June for The Crack; a Variety/stand up/comedy show at the Southbank Centre summer Festival hosted by Miss Behave. I went to see the show and it was great!
The Usherettes pictured are Mam'zelle Maz in the white with Red polka's and Valeria in Red with white polka's. There was a third usherette, Miss Miranda, also in red, unfortunately not included in these photos, i think the three of them would have been an awesome sight!


  1. oooh I totally love the red/white combination. yummy!

  2. PS That was Ulorin, wrong account signed in! lol