Monday, 6 July 2009

Torture Garden Birthday Ball 2009

Yipeee! How i love Torture Garden Birthday ball time of year - great things happen; friends from far and wide, that i havnt seen for a year come out to party, and UK summertime starts!

I made myself a new dress, classic Polka-dots with added skully action!

Photo thanks to Dafydd Owen

It made my night to mount the Elephant!
(the immaculate Ms Rubberlover was on hand to check up my skirt!...) Photo thanks to Trung

A lovely pic of London Noa doing my 50's circle skirt dress dress proud! Pho tthanks to Trung

And Evil Uncle Tony, in his custom request 'Tesco' value latex T-shirt, he wears it so well....

Photo thanks to Bobette

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