Monday, 6 July 2009

Vance, Samantha Stone & Sohuiii Photoshoot

I managed to catch up with U.S. Photographer Vance for a shoot when he was in London For Torture Garden's Birthday Ball Weekend in May. I think we used his Hotel room to the best of its ability on that sunny/rainy Saturday!

It was a fun day, made awesome by working with a really lovely team, credit to:
Hair Stylist Magdalena Tucholska
And Make up Artist Clare Staplehurst

Samantha Stone is wearing her custom made Royal blue and Red star appique dress - I LOVE this one on her! (I cant resist mentioning that Miss Stone has one of the most fabulous bum's i've had the pleasure of meeting!)

Puple Polka dot halterneck:

Sohuiii in the contour dress:

And Star applique bodysuit:

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